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ORONA catalog of elevators for commercial buildings (Download brochures)


High efficiency for public buildings. Maximum durability, comfort, and reliability. 

⦁ The customized solution. Maximum flexibility and performance. Orona 3G X-  15

⦁ The solution with maximum robustness and comfort for the most demanding environments and specifications. Orona 3G X- 16

⦁ The high transport capacity and dynamic flexibility solution for all types of loads. Orona 3G X-18

⦁ Flexible accesses for competitive medium-load solutions, with optimized spaces in cars. Specially designed for glass lift shafts.


With the latest direct drive technology in public buildings. Less noise and more accessible maintenance.

⦁ The customized solution with a machine room and the latest technology. Orona 3G X- 25

⦁ The robust solution with machine room and latest technology for heavy traffic. Orona 3G X- 26

⦁ The large-scale customized solution with a machine room, with maximum performance and maintenance efficiency. Orona 3G X-28

ORONA catalog of elevators for housing


High efficiency for housing. Optimal use of space and the latest direct drive technology (Gearless).

⦁ The basic solution. The latest technology in an affordable and functional version. Orona 3G X- 10

⦁ The customized solution. Maximum flexibility with better performance. Orona 3G  X- 15


With the latest direct drive technology (Gearless).

⦁ The basic solution with a machine room and the latest technology.  Orona 3G X- 20

⦁ The customized solution with machine room, for maximum flexibility and performance. Orona 3G X- 25


For low-traffic buildings.

⦁ The versatile and adaptable hydraulic solution.   Orona 3G X- 30

Our elevators can be made to fit any building type specifications

Escalators, Travellators Elevators and goods elevators able to respond to the most demanding situations in office buildings and shopping centers, which are spaces with high levels of pedestrian traffic.

Elevators, goods elevators, and trolley elevators for transporting patients, medical personnel, and visitors with maximum safety, availability, hygiene, and comfort.

ORONA installs car elevators and goods elevators to easily transport any type of load of any shape or size, no matter how fragile, heavy, or complex.


Comfortable and quiet elevators for apartment buildings. Provided with the latest technology, LED lighting, automatic switch-off systems for reduced energy consumption when not in use.

Elevators for high-rise buildings capable of high-speed transport of people and loads, with maximum safety and comfort levels.

Elevators designed specifically for personal mobility and accessibility in urban settings such as airports, metro stations, or exterior spaces with unique topography.

Elevators with the latest technology and innovative designs that can be adapted to and integrated into architectural environments with high historical value, with minimal building impact.

Easy-to-install stair-climbing platforms and chairs or vertical platforms to eliminate architectural barriers in apartment buildings, hotels, hospitals, or other public spaces.

If you live in a building with no elevator, it’s hard to deny the accessibility and functionality that a elevator could offer. ORONA can install your elevator in a building’s stairwell or on an exterior façade, wherever it fits best.

If your building’s elevator is over 25 years old, we can install a new one featuring the latest technology. Whatever the dimensions of the shaft, we can improve the elevator capacity, comfort, accessibility, and safety, along with your building value.

Delmon Elevation offers a range of Hidral Products to fit your requirements for platforms, dumbwaiters, and chair lifts.

Vertical transportation of goods for varied applications and high adaptability within the industry.

Perfect for the vertical transport of large loads anywhere easily and flexibly.

Lifts specially designed for vertical transport of small loads, with a variety of applications in the services sector: restaurants, hotels, offices, libraries, warehouses, hospitals. 

We also offer a range of Canny products

The high quality of Canny escalators fits perfectly to move pedestrian in places with high traffic.

Canny elevators offers to you vertical transportation for high rise buildings in high velocity with safety and comfort.