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Delmon - Leading the way for elevator companies in UAE

From a conventional view of architecture and engineering, elevators serve the menial purpose of moving people from one floor to another in a mechanical manner. However, over the years these have evolved in form and purpose within the system.

In the current landscape of building management, lifts are figuring in more prominent roles, as the industry becomes more integrated. Nowadays, lift installation considers providing access to particular individuals who will be entering and leaving the building, or improving the energy efficiency of a particular facility. With this in mind, Delmon Elevation seeks to provide world-class lift and elevator technology to markets in Dubai and the rest of the UAE.

An innovative elevator company in Dubai

As one of the leading lift installation and elevator companies in UAE, our aim is to provide unrivalled value to our clients through a comprehensive range of conveying system solutions. Our goal is to expand the horizons of conveying systems in UAE through a never-ending pursuit of innovation and development.

As a full-service elevator company in Dubai, we are capable of supplying, installing, commissioning, and servicing all types of lift and conveying systems, including escalators, travelators, scissor lifts, dumbwaiters, wheel-chair lifts, and auto-elevation platforms. Unlike other elevator suppliers and cargo lift suppliers in the UAE, our elevator company can provide a comprehensive end-to-end service, from installation to regular maintenance


Orona elevators – delivering a brand new experience

  • Orona is one of the premiere elevators companies in Europe, and the leading name in Spain.
  • As one of the major elevator suppliers and cargo lift suppliers in the region, the company produces 10 per cent of all the new lifts in the European market.
  • In terms of manufacturing capacity, the company is first in complete lift production in Europe.
  • Orona lifts technology is found and installed in more than 100 countries across the world.
  • Approximately 200,000 lift systems are integrated with Orona technology.
  • The company is the first ever to receive an Eco-design certificate ISO 14006 according to UNE 150301 in the elevator sector.
  • The newest Orona lifts designs feature an innovative system that reduces energy consumption by 50 to 70 per cent, compared to conventional 2-speed and hydraulic lifts respectively.
  • Conveying systems from Orona boast of the highest standards in terms of safety, quality, and comfort. Integrated with the most advanced in elevator technology to create durable designs that provide a quick and comfortable riding experience.
  • The latest designs feature noise suppression features and precision stopping capabilities for an overall smooth operation.
  • Orona elevators technologies can be adapted into existing frameworks to reduce upfront costs.
  • The company is one of the leading investors in conveying system research and development in the region.
 Delmon Orona Lifts